National Hackathon -

National Hackathon

Client : ICT Division, Ministry of ICT, Govt. of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh

Campaign Name : National Hackathon.

Service Provided : Event promotion & Live coverage.

Start Date : 29th Nov, 2014         |        End Date : 6th Dec, 2014



Create awareness among the mass people regarding the event, ensuring better participation and engaging people with the contents.



Ensuring maximum participation and live event coverage on facebook.

Our Activity

We have covered the event live on facebook and ensured trenmendous visility of the event.



In just 7 days, GEEKY Social Advantage skyrocketed the reach and engagement of National Hackathon – country’s biggest Hackathon with 137,000 Reach & 132,559 Engagement! During our campaign, the Page’s organic post reach was 8.2x higher than that of the usual reach of this page. A total of 1,359 new people became fans of the page during our campaign.