GEEKY Social's Digital First Approach for Khaas Food

How GEEKY’s data-driven, digital-first approach helped Khaas Food create a loyal, repeat customer base

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Real business, real results: How GEEKY’s data-driven, digital-first approach helped Khaas Food create a loyal, repeat customer base

Much loved “safe food” retailer Khaas Food came into existence back in 2016. GEEKY has been their marketing partner since the inception. Back at that time when companies used to go after likes and reaches in Facebook only, GEEKY devised a result-oriented multi-pronged approach that helped Khaas Food become a pioneering brand in the safe food retailing space in the country. Today, the company boasts a loyal customer base that places orders amounting to more than 60% of Khaas Food’s daily orders.

Strategy 1 – Locking whom to sell to: The 80/20 Pareto Rule for TG Optimization

Like other issues while designing digital marketing campaigns for any brand, we find that 80% of the revenue generates from the 20% of the customers. We followed this strategy vigorously for
After doing several A/B tests of different types of audiences (interest based/custom audience/lookalike audience) we figured out which target groups (TGs) contribute for the maximum conversions for this company over a period of time. Then we used to allocate at least 60-70% of our daily budgets to those winning TGs, to get maximum return of our Ad budgets spent.

Strategy 2 – Utilizing the power of data-based marketing: Identifying and capitalizing a “peak” monthly sales period

We analyzed Khaas Food sales data and found out that being a food retailer brand; Khaas Food’s sales pattern has a clear peak during the first week of every month. Behavior-wise, our hypothesis was that the first week of every month usually marks the “salary week” for the average Bangladeshi professional which in turn plays a pivotal role in determining the consumption pattern. We planned to capitalize on this consumer behavior.
So we offered consumer promotion sweeteners like discounts and/or free delivery on bulk purchases for the first 7 to 10 days of every month. We also used half of our monthly budget for this 10-day period as consumption started declining gradually after the first 10 days. In addition, we also pushed “less frequently sold” products using discounts and combo offers with other “high frequency” items during the last week of every month.

Strategy 3 – Going beyond Facebook: Taking a multi-channel 360-degree digital approach to remarketing & new lead generation

Unlike the conventional digital marketing practice of only “boosting in Facebook”, we at GEEKY Social as the knowledge leaders in the industry, took a multi-channel 360-degree digital approach to generate more conversions while adding new leads to the digital conversion funnel we set up for Khaas Food.
It was a combination of four carefully coordinated tasks: remarketing to the Website visitors, undertaking aggressive search campaigns in Google with relevant keywords to get all the interested people out there to visit Khaas Food site looking for a safe food item in the Internet, publishing 50+ blog articles on the topics like Safe food & food recipes to attract the right set of people interacting with the brand, and finally funnelling those people to our remarketing campaigns for their first acquisition using our previously mentioned promotional sweeteners called Website offers and deals.
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Strategy 4 – Ensuring the best ROI for each taka spent: Maximum visibility to a specific group of people so the proper brand awareness is achieved

Considering all the budget limitations we set aside a small portion of our budget from the very beginning to run impression campaigns for a specific group of TG with a size of not more than 10 lakh. To ensure maximum visibility, we used Google Display campaigns along with Facebook impressions so that proper brand awareness is achieved.
The output numbers say we served more than 3 crore impressions to this specific group of people in one single year. We knew not everyone was ready to buy from a local and relatively unknown e-commerce brand yet so we kept our primary TG specific and spent maximum to be in front of their eyes. We are very proud to say that this strategy played a pivotal role making Khaas Food a strong brand among this group of people without spending a single taka in conventional ATL or BTL channels.

Strategy 5 – Topping it all: A deliberate approach to create loyal customers

We targeted to create our first recurring 5,000 customers as soon as possible. Being a food retailer, we knew if we get recurring orders every month from a small group of people we can save a lot of money from our marketing budgets which are spent on random people for a first time conversion.
So we created continuous offers and communicated through emails, SMS, Facebook Sponsored Messages, Newsfeed remarketing campaigns to our previous customers and eventually made them our recurring loyal customers which has enabled Khaas food to reduce its marketing budget by 50% just within 3 years while other startups fail measurably in reducing its marketing budget in first few years.
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