GEEKY Social grew monthly organic traffic by 370% for

- Monthly organic traffic grew from 1.17K to 4.7K in 6 months
- 200+ keywords ranked in top 3 positions in Google

GEEKY Social doubled marketing ROI for Deen Commerce

- 100% growth in monthly revenue
- 133% growth in ROI

GEEKY Social boosted orders for immensely

- From 70 orders/day to 700 orders/day in 9 months
- Average Cost Per Action (CPA) of $1
- 900% growth in daily order numbers

GEEKY Social helped Rise clothing to achieve 2.5X growth in conversion: Elevating Success Beyond Expectations!

GEEKY Social executed a high-conversion lead funnel campaign for NOVA IVF FERTILITY

- 4 million+ individuals reached
- 20k + Potential Leads
- Avg. cost/lead ~ $1

High converting lead generation for Kopotakkho Homes Ltd

- BDT 60 million equivalent seles
- ROAS 136

GEEKY Social drove impactful merchant acquisition leads for RedX Logistics Ltd

- 1.3 million target audience reached
- 6k+ leads generated in 3 months
- Avg. cost/lead ~ $1

GEEKY Social helped TBS grew site traffic and user engagement with strategic media buying

- 4x growth in weekly site traffic
- Cost Per Landing Page View was $0.01

GEEKY Social initiated a highly effective awareness campaign for Star Ceramics

- 200% growth in search for Star Ceramics showrooms during the campaign
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