GEEKY Social drove an extensive boost in merchant acquisition for Paperfly

- 1,700+ Merchant Registration in 2 months of Product
- Cost Per Registration was $2.10

Geeky Social launched an engaging campaign for Intercontinental Dhaka, boosting customer interaction

- 3x growth in customer interaction, post-COVID lockdown

GEEKY Social drove a surge in high-quality participants for “Dan Cake Dessert Genius Contest”

- 25 million+ individuals reached in the communication phase
- 5k+ individuals registered to participate in the program
- 6.9 million+ individuals reached during airing phase

GEEKY Social’s strategic media buying helped Khaas Food to acquire 10K+ sticky customers

- 80,000 customer acquired through Facebook in 2 years
- Average Cost Per Acquisition was $0.50

GEEKY Social implemented a successful video views campaign for Nagad

- Reduced cost per thruplay by 20%
- Reduced cost per 3s video view by 12%
- Reduced vCPM by 57%

GEEKY Social initiated an unique ‘Ravaging the Reach’ campaign for Fresh Cement

- 3 million+ organic Reach (Total reach: 5.7 million)
- 16k+ shares
- 30% audience watched video 87% of the video
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