GEEKY Social doubled marketing ROI for Deen Commerce

GEEKY Social significantly boosted the marketing ROI for DEEN, the country’s premier denim brand, by implementing a funnel-based marketing strategy that expanded beyond Meta platforms.

Key challenges

DEEN faced a daunting challenge in achieving a favorable return on investment (ROI) through its Meta ads due to the intensifying competition in Meta marketing auctions. Despite multiple budget increases, profitability remained elusive. Therefore, our primary challenge was to elevate sales while securing a positive ROI for the company.

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Key Strategies & Actions

Identified Issues:

  • Ineffective social media outreach to new audiences.
  • Limited brand awareness among the general public.

Actions Taken:

  1. Introduced face of the brand to build credibility and increase awareness within the target group.
  2. Expanded the target audience by utilizing publisher portals, thereby attracting new prospective audiences that had not been previously targeted.
  3. Maintained a consistent presence on publisher platforms through banner ads and welcome pop-ups, bolstering the brand's credibility. This was a significant shift from its previous reliance solely on social media.
  4. Initiated retargeting campaigns via Meta and Google to engage with visitors who had accessed the brand through publisher portals.
  5. Capitalised sales season with lucrative offers and discounts to drive sales.

Tools Used


The total ROI of the campaign surged from 3x to 7x within an 8-month period, resulting in a positive EBITDA for the company.

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