GEEKY Social grew monthly organic traffic by 370% for, an ambitious e-commerce marketplace, wanted GEEKY Social to help them in SEO and secure top rankings for the category and product keywords they are selling.

Key challenges being an e-commerce marketplace found it very challenging to rank and drive traffic from search results as there are few big players in the market who were investing heavily in SEO for the last couple of years and already ranked for almost all the category & product keywords Stygen is selling.   

Key Strategies & Actions

Objectives of the SEO campaign:
Rank in the search engine for relevant keywords and drive traffic with purchase intent so the client can generate sales.

Strategies Implemented:

To drive results from the fiercely competitive keywords we had to adapt a very strategic route to get SEO success for Stygen. 

  • Site Audit: To start with we did a thorough audit of stygen’s website and identified the technical glitches and areas for improvement. Then we solved the technical glitches and inserted some best practice strategies to rank faster in Google. 
  • On Page Optimization: Immediately after fixing the technical issues with stygen’s website we implemented on page seo optimization for every single page including product page, category page and brand pages.   
  • Identified Long Tail Keywords with Purchase Intent: Not every search keyword is intended for a purchase, so we identified the relevant long tail keywords which are intended to make a purchase and targeted those keywords to rank first. 
  • Blog Articles to Support Our Target Keywords: Once we identified the target keywords then we wrote fully SEO optimized articles to support these keywords.     
  • Quality Backlink: We also arranged some quality backlinks from high authority domains so our target keywords are ranked faster.


Stygen’s monthly organic traffic grew from 1.17K to 4.7K in 6 months. More than 200+ keywords ranked for top 3 positions resulting 18% increase in CTR.

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