Building awareness among users about uses and advantages of genetic Testing


Aug – Oct 2015



Neurogen is the first ever genetic testing laboratory in Bangladesh. They are working with the theme of “Early Intervention of different diseases”. Most of the people of our country doesn’t have any idea that we can find out the possibility of different diseases (including cancer) by genetic test. By correcting the problem of the DNA, the disease can be avoided.


NeuroGen, although came up with a unique selling proposition in the market, was struggling find enough clients so that they can run the business in an efficient manner. They contacted GEEKY Social for the purpose of building awareness among people about uses and advantages of genetic test. So that, people will feel the need and start to contact Neurogen. Besides, Neurogen has a autism diagnosis system of international standard. So, they needed to communicate this in the market to drive clients.


We had several meetings with the top officials of Neurogen’s top officials to understand their overall business as well as the specific services. Then we had internal team meetings to find out who are neurogen’s target customers, where to find them, how to promote neurogen to them and how to convince them to become client. At the same time, we had to work to build awareness among general people about the advantages of Genetic Test.

  • Our web team had a long internal meeting to determine what platform and technologies should be used to build the site.
  • After that, we had to make a total plan of building the site and break down the whole process into smaller segments.
  • After that, we decided who should do what for the site
  • We created a mock design of the whole site and submitted that to the neurogen authority for review
  • Neurogen liked the mock designed and approved that
  • Then we worked 1 month to build the site and get it ready for testing
  • After testing the site Neurogen sent us some corrections, we corrected the issues and finally launched the site for public visit.

We have launched the whole website at October 1, 2017. Since then, the site is up and running.

  • Dynamic website with lots of graphical elements
  • Two different dynamic blog section with attractive posts
  • User friendly online appointment system
  • Full width layout responsive for all devices

NeuroGen is very happy with performance. They love the website as it has everything they could think of.


At present, neurogen is planning to go further with us. We will be conducting total SEO activities of their website.

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