Developing and maintaining a robust website for the company


May 2017 – Jan 2019


IOM Bangladesh

IOM Bangladesh is working in close collaboration with the lead ministries and government bodies of the country that are engaged in ensuring safe and orderly labor mobility, skills development, migration health services, providing humanitarian assistance to the migrants and strengthening border management.


The previous website of IOM Bangladesh was hacked. They were looking forward to creating a new website with some advanced functionalities and greater security. They had a contact with GEEKY Social on this purpose.


Our web design and development team worked hard for one month to come up with the desired website. Here are the tasks they have done:

  • Choose one of the best dedicated hosting plan for the site
  • Set up a dedicated server and configured it to meet the requirements
  • Prepared a work map to develop the website
  • Assigned our best developer to work dedicatedly for the site
  • After development, our team of experts have tested all the functionalities
  • We used the best security tools in the site to prevent hacking attempts

We finished developing the site and delivered it within the deadline. Let’s have a look at the current status of the website:

  • The site is 100% up and running
  • 99.9% Security ensured
  • Scheduled for weekly back up
  • Monthly evaluation of security status

GEEKY Social had a contact of one year of coordination with IOM Bangladesh. Currently, we are assigned for the maintenance of the site. We are continuously observing the security issues of the website and taking necessary steps. We are also developing some other advanced functionalities of the site. GEEKY Social is looking forward to maintaining a strong relationship with IOM in the future.

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