GEEKY Social’s strategic media buying helped Khaas Food to acquire 10K+ sticky customers

Courting Loyal Customers

10K+ monthly returning customers

Country’s first safe food brand, “Khaas food” (KF) who initially started as an F-commerce brand relied on GEEKY Social to establish their brand identity and acquire real customers


Being the first mover of the safe food brand the main challenge was to make the customers aware about the product. Moreover, considering that the price was relatively higher, GEEKY had to generate authentic leads maintaining a low CPA rate for a positive ROI


  • As the first week of every month usually marks the “salary week” in Bangladesh, GEEKY offered consumer promotion sweeteners like discounts and/or free delivery on bulk purchases to gain more customers during the first week of every month.
  • We communicated customers through emails, SMS, Facebook Sponsored Messages, Newsfeed remarketing campaigns which ultimately converted them to recurring customers and enabled Khaas food to reduce its marketing budget by 50% just within 3 years.
  • We used impression campaigns to serve 3 crore impressions to a target group size 1 million in one single year.




Being a food retailer, we knew if KF gets recurring orders every month from a small group of people they can save a lot of money from their marketing budgets which are spent on random people for a first-time conversion. In our dedicated approach of creating returning customers, we successfully created 10,000+ sticky customers in first 3 years who used to purchase at least once a month from Khass Food

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